Let's talk about why you should try us.

Monthly Traffic, lets talk about it.

HostGator, Hostinger, NameHero, and GoDaddy limit the amount of traffic that you are allowed to have on your website. This means you can only have x amount of visitors per month, per day, or per hour. Here at Swivro, there is no limit for that. It's unlimited.

Disk Space, how are we better?

We don't offer the most disk space. HostGator says the offer unlimited, but that's a lie. Hostinger offers less than we do, and NameHero only lets you have 250,000 Inodes (files & folders combined). We are doing our best to increase our disk space # offering, you can see it at any time on our pricing page.

How many sites can I host?

With some of our competitors, such as HostGator, Hostinger, and NameHero, on all of their cheapest plans ($10.95/month, $9.49/month, $8.95/month in order of names) you can only host a single website. On our cheapest plan ($3.99/month) you can host up to 10 websites/domains. Pretty good deal if you're asking me.

Do you really offer DDoS protection or are you just saying that?

We do indeed offer advanced 24/7/365 DDoS Mitigation. Learn more here

What is the catch?

Let's keep it short and simple, and give the usual answer, except lets be honest; there are none.

Learn even more

Still not convinced? Learn more here.

Why choose us over others?

We aren't the cheapest hosting provider, but we do have lots & lots of awesome features.

DDoS Protected

Unlike lots of other web hosting providers, with us, we ensure that your website is protected 24/7/365 by our autonomous DDoS Protection Mitigation System.

For anyone

Whether you are a pro or not, we make the process of ordering, and managing your website extremely easy. Already an expert? Perfect! Not so much? We can help you!


Our Web Hosting Control Panel comes with a variety of skins/themes to pick from, so if one looks cluttered and annoys you, effortlessly change the theme in a click!

Highly Reliable

Our servers, services, and websites go down almost never. We try to maintain an average yearly uptime of nearly 100%. That's really good.


No more slow services. Our web hosting servers, and virtual servers are lightning fast. No more slow hosts ever again. Switching to us is easy.


With every order comes free technical support. No need to pay for it, as long as you pay your yearly (or monthly) bills for web hosting (or another service you ordered), you get free support.

1-click WordPress Creation


It's a great option for creating your website fast. I got good support and it's great in much all ways.

Ben Johnson


Finally, a budget web host that I can actually trust with cheap prices. I don't regret anything.

Carl Kent


The control panel is simple and easy to use, which is what they told me, and it's true!

Emily Clark



No, we do not use cPanel. We use the feature-rich DirectAdmin Control Panel.

Yes, all hosting plans come with powerful & advanced DDoS Protection.

We do not manage our own in-house hardware for web hosting. We use providers like OVH, FranTech, and more.