Website Security

Transport-Level DDoS Attack

Is your website under attack (transport-level/layer 4 DDoS attack) due to your server's IP Address being exposed to the public? We recommend using OVH to hide your IP address via GRE Tunnel using Linux. OVH features over 11 TBPS of network capacity, and features an advanced DDoS filtration (mitigation) system, making them the perfect solution to proxy your website traffic. Not a fan of OVH? Rather than using OVH, you can have a look at Hetzner, but do note that they have a smaller network, meaning less protection against DDoS attacks.

Layer 7 (flood) DDoS Attack

Is your website under attack & offline due to HTTP/SYN Flood attack, and you are in need of DDoS mitigation services immediately? BotGuard can protect your website against various types of flood attacks. BotGuard is very affordable and features a 30-day free trial, and comes free with all servers from
In more serious DDoS cases, you might want to consider an enterprise solution, such as CloudFlare's Pro Plan, which does a very good job at mitigating flood attacks.

Bad Website Security

Worried about your website potentially having low-grade or bad security? BotGuard provides a tool that lets you scan your website's basic security, testing if your website is accessible via a VPN, simple bot, fake search bot, popular commercial bot, a browser emulator, and more. BotGuard will also show what exactly is wrong, such as "The site does not use blocking of addresses at the network level. This allows the VPN users to visit the site." which is a good thing. 

Core Features

How is Swivro unique?




With Swivro encrypting web traffic via multiple encryption layers + TLS, being privacy-focused, and hosted in Europe, you have maximum privacy, anonymity, and security.

Swivro VPN Service

Use your device with Swivro VPN.

How we respect your privacy

Below you can see some things we use to allow you to remain anonymous and secure when visiting our website, while also keeping your privacy.

  • Encryption
  • No Google ads
  • Europe-based Servers
  • No Google Analytics
  • No unethical tracking
  • Available via Tor

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