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Discover Swivro's secure, privacy-respecting, seamless, low-cost web hosting platform available to anyone internationally.

What is web hosting?

A web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows customers to host their own websites on hardware provided by a 3rd party (usually the company; in this case, us). These type of companies that sell web hosting services are usually called web hosts. Web Hosting makes websites accessible on the World Wide Web, meaning every website you have ever visited uses a web hosting service. Some illustrations on this page are by Freepik Storyset.

What is special about Swivro web hosting?

  • Super-fast solid state drives
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Impressively High Reliability (your site will never have significant issues with us)
  • Seamless signup, order, and setup process
  • Zero traffic limits. You're website has no monthly visitor traffic limit.
  • Low-cost and steady. We won't bump up our prices by 80% randomly.
Pro Hosting

⦿ Unmetered Storage
⦿ Unmetered Traffic
⦿ Unmetered Databases
⦿ Unmetered Email Accounts
⦿ Unmetered Websites
⦿ Included Website Builder
⦿ Included 2FA Security
⦿ Included Virus Scanner

$3/month $10

Core Features

How is Swivro unique?




Swivro truly cares about security and your online privacy, which is why we've chosen to host our website and servers in Europe. We take many precautions to ensure Swivro's security is always at it's greatest.

Web Hosting Service

Host your website with Swivro.

How we respect your privacy

Below you can see some things we use to allow you to remain anonymous and secure when visiting our website, while also keeping your privacy.

  • Encryption
  • No Google ads
  • Europe-based Servers
  • No Google Analytics
  • No unethical tracking
  • Available via Tor

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Swivro is focused on cybersecurity and privacy. We're trying to build a better internet by helping you stay safe from cybercrime and unethical tracking.

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