Introducing Speaklink

The most secure communications platform in the world, including texting, voice calling, video calling, and more.


Open Source

Most of our brands & services feature open source software, meaning you can get access to the code and modify it for yourself.

Mobile Friendly

Our services are mobile friendly. Although most of our services are designed for desktop, they are also designed to work well on mobile.

Modern Design

Enough of all those old looking websites. We're tired of seeing old ugly website's, its 2021 and websites should all be up to date.


Speaklink, a privacy-first communication platform. End-to-end encryption for messaging, calling, video calling, and screen sharing. We value your privacy.

Levin Passwords

Remember one master password to access all of your passwords, anywhere, on any device. No sync needed. When the same values are entered for all the fields below, the generated password will always result the same.

Want to support us?

Feel free to donate to us if you want to support what we do.


Swivro was founded in the year 2016 under the name DiskNet. We've operated under a few other names, but we're now known as Swivro.

If you trust us, great. If you don't, we're sorry. We can't convince you, although we can assure you that we value your online privacy.

Swivro is not an organization, a business, or a company. Swivro is a 'nonprofit' technology group, meaning our primary focus is not to make a profit and we are made up of a few people, but Swivro's official owner is known online as Kasper.

Swivro itself is not a product, but it owns brands that offer products, like Speaklink. Most of our products are free whilst some are considered a premium service, requiring a payment.

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