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Swivro is an organization focused on cybersecurity and internet privacy. We help you stay safe from cybercrime and unethical tracking. We care about privacy and security, and we don't just say that like Google, Apple, and Facebook all do. We do our best to ensure your data is secure, safe, and private. We don't unethically share data with any 3rd parties and we do not display ads. We show you how companies track you, why they do, which companies track you, alternatives to the companies that track you, and much more. Swivro is owned by Albert Arnaud as of August 18th, 2021.
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Core Features

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With Swivro encrypting web traffic via multiple encryption layers + TLS, being privacy-focused, and hosted in Europe, you have maximum privacy, anonymity, and security.

Swivro VPN Service

Use your device with Swivro VPN.

How we respect your privacy

Below you can see some things we use to allow you to remain anonymous and secure when visiting our website, while also keeping your privacy.

  • Encryption
  • No Google ads
  • Europe-based Servers
  • No Google Analytics
  • No unethical tracking
  • Available via Tor

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