Our organization, created in 2016

Swivro is a mission-driven company, with a goal of making humanity (the human race) a multi-planetary species.

Zero Censorship

Even if we disagree with your opinion, we will never try to censor you on any of Swivro's platforms.


Unlike Amazon & Facebook, Swivro does not and will never violate your digital privacy, no matter what.


In the long-term, we don't believe in currency, but currently, crypto is the best solution we have.

Completely Transparent

We won't lie to you. We're honest with you. If you ask us a question, we'll give an appropriate answer.

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Meet Swivro's favorite division

Atmos, our aerospace division, is our favorite Swivro division. Why? Human spaceflight is important because it shows the human race's ambition and curiosity. It also provides an opportunity for scientific research, educational outreach and a chance to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and explorers. Without space, humanity is destined to fail.

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We also like (crypto) finance

On FinanceDeck, we're dedicated to providing updates and news on crypto-finance, to help you make money from crypto, as well as showing you which blockchains are the most secure, unique, have the most potential or utility, etc. Want to learn about Crypto? Go to FinanceDeck.org today.

Meet the organization

At Swivro, we're determined to help push humanity forward. That's why we're planning on helping a new kind of space company - one with a mission to colonize Mars, make space accessible and bring people together.

We're not just another space/technology company (at least, we're trying not to be) - our goal is to help revolutionize the spaceflight industry and make space accessible for all. We are helping building the future of commercial spaceflight and pioneering new technologies that will change the face of human society. Additionally, we create various digital projects & services, to make the internet a better place, as we believe the internet is important and will continue to be utilized for the foreseeable future. Spaceflight is important because it allows us to explore our solar system & beyond. It also enables humans to live in space. Without spaceflight, humanity will inevitably go extinct.


Swivro is helping to build the technology of tomorrow's world, with a goal of making humanity an interstellar species.