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Simply on the better side of humanity

We work on projects in key industries

Swivro creates informational projects and services to inform and inspire the general public on the projects' respective topics.

Swivro promises to ensure

Your User Privacy

Your Cyber Security

Fast Digital Services

High Service Reliability

Up-to-date projects

Complete Transparency

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Educating you on the topic of crypto-finance quickly

On FinanceDeck, we're dedicated to providing updates & news on crypto-finance, to help you make money from crypto, as well as showing you which blockchains are the most secure, unique, have the most potential or utility, etc.

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Improving your digital privacy  with Cyberguard

Cyberguard, a direct division of Swivro, was created as an informational website to inform those who are uneducated on the topic of digital privacy and the significance of it, in hopes of improving the readers' digital privacy by at least a small margin, so they're less prone to various forms of digital attacks.

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Our goal is to help create a more advanced humanity

Technology is important, as we rely on it every single day. Without technology, there is a chance that you would not even be alive today. If another solar flare such as the one seen during the Carrington Event occurred in 2022, civilization would crumble. That displays our huge reliance on modern technology. We want to help humanity advance its technologies.

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Follow Swivro on various social media platforms

The only social media platform we're pretty active on is Twitter. Follow us and you'll be up to date with what Swivro is doing, and you'll receive in your Twitter feed some spectacular tweets about all-things technology related.

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We try our best to not display any ads at all anywhere.

We do not display any ads, simply because we don't need to. If it gets to the point where we aren't receiving enough donations to cover the cost of running Swivro and its divisions, we may need to start displaying privacy-friendly ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Swivro makes money to keep running its website and free services from optional donations, from our divisions which require payment (a donation) for a service, and by holding various cryptocurrencies as they go up in value. However, for the most part, all of the money comes out of our pocket.

Yes, Swivro now has a Tor Hidden Service. You can access it via the following onion link:


Please note that you must have Tor Browser installed in order to access our Tor Hidden Service aka Onion Site. Alternatively, you may use the Tor Private Mode in Brave Browser.

No, you cannot really invest in Swivro right now. If you count donations as an investment, then yes, you can donate to us. We are considering creating a cryptocurrency token on the (maybe) Ethereum blockchain that you can invest in to support Swivro, as well as make some money, as the price of the token increases, while you're at it.

We are pro-crypto because we believe in freedom and we want everyone's digital currency to be secure. Cryptocurrencies which run on decentralized blockchains eliminate the need for trust and allow for freedom. You don't need to trust any bank with your money, because you own your money in your crypto wallet. You don't need to worry about getting your money frozen or taken by a 3rd party, because you own your money. So please, before saying crypto ruins the environment, is useless, or is very sketchy, please do some research. Certain cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, etc, are useless, but legitimate cryptocurrencies with utility, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Nano, etc, are very beneficial.

We believe in a future where humanity is exploring the universe, living among the stars, eliminating the possibility of a human extinction event. That's why we have created our own aerospace division, dedicated to inspiring the public about Mars and space in general, as well as helping to help enable the colonization of Mars.
P.S. Atmos is our favorite Swivro Division.

Yes, you can contact Swivro via email at [email protected] at any time. We will try to reply within a week. For the time being, Swivro does not have any community website/area, but we may consider creating one in the near future.


Swivro is helping to build the technology of tomorrow's world, with a goal of making humanity an interstellar species.