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Xingxing, meaning "Star" in Mandarin Chinese, is a website dedicated to providing concepts as well as information on the topic of sustainable energy and the future of energy.

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Sustainable Energy concepts, ideas, and products

Xingxing provides various concepts for sustainable energy systems and how they could be utilized in the near future. The fact that humanity will (hopefully) become a space-faring civilization is taken into account, and the concepts are adjusted accordingly.

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Xingxing is based in the United States of America

Though Xingxing itself does not offer/develop any sustainable energy product at this time, it provides information on sustainable energy, all from the United States of America. Xingxing may be a Chinese word, but that doesn't mean that it's based in the country of China!

Information on Sustainable Energy Sources

Solar Energy

Solar energy is renewable, simple, and effective. It is one of the most popular renewable energy sources & can be used almost anywhere.


H2 is the most abundant gas in the universe, so we can pretty much find it anywhere. With hydrogen and oxygen burned together comes energy.


Swivro is helping to build the technology of tomorrow's world, with a goal of making humanity an interstellar species.