An innovative, simple, and progressive technology company.

Welcome to one of the most innovative, progressive, and logical tech companies on the internet. Swivro is a technology company creating many products and always brainstorming for new innovative ideas. Swivro is a nonprofit company meaning all of our projects are free for you to use. Swivro also offers a free Tech Blog, which releases a new educational blog post every 1-5 days.

Why we are continuing:

Swivro believes there are not that many apps and web apps on the internet that provide enough privacy, fast systems, and easy to use apps. A lot of company’s speak gibberish for their reasons on changes to their apps that no one likes (meaning, they are updating their app for no reason, just to make it look like it is still alive). Here at Swivro, we don’t do that. When a product needs an update, we update it. Swivro also believes that there are not enough innovative technology companies in the world that create innovative ideas and try their best to make it become a reality, along with never taking no for an answer.

Who are the current owners of Swivro?:

The current owner, founder, and CEO of Swivro is known as Kasper.

Swivro does not have a parent company.