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Welcome to one of the most innovative, progressive, and logical tech companies on the internet. Swivro is a technology company creating many products and always brainstorming for new innovative ideas. Swivro is a nonprofit company meaning all of our projects are free for you to use. Swivro also offers a free Tech Blog, which releases a new educational blog post every 1-5 days.

When it comes to tech products, we are serious.

With Swivro being a nonprofit technology company, we create lots of products for you to use, absolutely free of charge.

Swivro Password Manager

Save your passwords securely locally with the extremely simple and fast Swivro Password Manager. You can also try Swivro Password Manager’s Twin, listed on our Products page.

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Check if almost any website is offline instantly with one of the worlds most fastest website downtime checkers, 100% owned and powered by us at Swivro.

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IP & Domain Lookup

Perform a lookup on any internet domain name or IP Address to see the Internet Service Provider of it, the Nameservers/DNS of it, and much more. IP & Domain Lookup uses WHOIS servers.

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Swivro is a great place to get away from all of the company’s that track you. Swivro helps you transform your internet life to be more innovative, simple, and private.


A company where you can get all you need, they also provide lots of informative info on their blog and provide lots of updates to their projects. Keep up the good work Swivro.


WebNet Official

I have no reason to give less than 5 stars, swivro obviously isn’t the best thing in the world, but it is very interesting and provides a lot of info and cool ideas! looking forward to seeing continuous new updates.

William Kimble

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