Secure your accounts

It's time for you to ensure that all of your accounts on the internet have the greatest security possible, to prevent them from being hacked.

You should secure all of your online accounts, whether it's for Email, Amazon, etc.

It is very important to have good security on all of your online accounts. If you don't have good security and have sensitive information stored on that account, and you're account gets hacked or a data breach occurs, this can lead to identity left, fraud, and much more.

You should be using a different password for every online account you have, and the password should not be memorable. Your password should be at least 16 characters, should be a combination of lowercase letters, capital letters, and numbers. Using symbols (special characters like ! @ # $ % ^ & etc) in your password usually helps strengthen your password, but most bots that attempt to crack your password try doing so by including symbols in the password cracker bot. If the bot is trying to crack your password while including symbols, but your password in reality does not have symbols, you would be wasting the hacker's time and they wouldn't know it. We recommend using symbols for most of your passwords, but you can also create passwords without symbols just for some accounts, as it may give you better overall security.

2FA is most commonly used via an authenticator app as authenticator apps allow for maximum security. An authenticator app is usually installed on a smartphone and generates a 6-digit code every 30 seconds. You can then use this 6-digit code, during its period of validity, to access your online account. Each account for each website saved to your authenticator app generates it's own unique 6-digit code. The codes are generated using a private key that is shared only between the website you are using and your device, as well as the current time. The only requirement is that the clock on your smartphone is not out of sync. We recommend the Aegis Authenticator App as it is open source. In the unlikely event of a hacker cracking your account password(s), they will not be able to successfully login without having physical access to your phone to see the 6-digit codes.


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