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One of the most innovative organizations on the internet.

Swivro™ develops many different types of projects such as Chatting Platforms, File Storage Services, Desktop Apps, and more. Swivro focuses on privacy-based applications, web applications, and services. All of our sites, apps, and services are ensured to not release any of your private info to other organizations or the public.

Visually Amusing Design

Our designs are comfortable, and visually amusing. We ensure our website and app designs are suitable for what they are meant to do.

Ease of Use

Our projects are extremely easy to use for anyone, even if you are using a computer for the first time!


Our websites and apps are cross-compatible, meaning you can visit our websites on any device and use our apps on different OS’s.

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Features that will help you

Useful Projects

Our projects are useful to almost anyone. We go from a simple communication system to Website Hosting Services, with all of our services are private.

Automated Systems

All of our websites and apps contain a automated backend, meaning you do not have to modify anything for our websites and/or apps to work.

Fast & Secure

All of our projects that are ran over the internet are stored on safe and secure servers in fast datacenters with good server uptime.

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Our work in numbers

Server Uptime


Active Projects (100 goal)

Our Team

All of the Swivro Team Members that have made it possible for Swivro to continue are listed below:


CEO & Founder & Owner

Kasper is the CEO, Founder, and Current Owner of Swivro. He manages everything, including the main website.


Director & Contributor

Logan is the new Co Owner of Swivro, he helps with Swivro, and designed the Swivro Logo.



Frink is an Executive of Swivro, Frink helps with everything swivro related.



Liam is the Advisor for Swivro, he decides whether certain decisions should go through or not.

Other Swivro Team Members (non executive): Typical, Amir, Megamind, Thomas.

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