“The Flying Home”

The Flying Home is a design concept created by Swivro which consists of a medium-sized house made out of extremely lightweight material with a series of air-breathing turbines under the house’s platform. Under the house and entire platform, there will be something like a “giant scale”. The same scale you use to measure your weight as a human, but a really big one. The scale will have a computer in it, and the computer will be reading the weight 24/7 and sending the weight value to the turbines. The computer will divide the weight number into 4, as there are 4 turbines, and have each turbine push 1/4th of the weight the house and the platform beneath the house weights. This will cause the house and platform to be floating mid-air. The computer will ensure it is always at a specific altitude, and if it detects a change in altitude, whether it is up or down, it will adjust the thrust coming from the 3 turbines to perform an altitude correction. Each turbine is able to throttle separately from each other, meaning one turbine could be at 98% thrust, and another can be at 94% thrust, to balance the house, keeping it pointed directly up at all times. When the house needs to move in a direct horizontal line, without using the 4 turbines’ thrust vector control system, it will use an RCS system, with around 8-12 thrusters on each side of the platform. This RCS System collects air, pressurizes it, and uses that as RCS Fuel. All electricity will come from multiple Hydrogen Fuel Cells on board. The Hydrogen Fuel Cells get Hydrogen by collecting water vapor from the air, liquifying it into H2O, taking the 2 Hydrogen Atoms out of the water, and using that Hydrogen as the main source of fuel for the fuel cell. The leftover gaseous oxygen will be vented out of the electrolysis chamber, making the entire House Hovering System 100% clean/green.