Now that you have seen the image above, there is obviously some explaining to do. PCBC-1 stands for Proxima Centauri B Crew 1. Proxima Centauri B is a planet in the Proxima Centauri Star system, orbiting Proxima Centauri, obviously. This will use SpaceX’s Starship, or a similar vehicle, and SpaceX’s Starlink Satellites, or something similar. There will be dozens, or hundreds of lithium ion or alkaline batteries, which are to be charged while still in the solar system (via large retractable/extendable solar panels), to have electricity while on the way to the Proxima Centauri Star System, where there is no solar energy to capture, mid star systems. There are also several refueling stations, one orbiting Earth to fully refuel right after getting into Earth Orbit, one orbiting Pluto for refueling at Pluto right before leaving the solar system, one orbiting the Proxima Centauri Star to refuel there once arriving, and after firing your engines to set yourself on a trajectory to intercept Proxima Centauri B Planet, there is also a refueling station there, for the trip back home. All the refueling stations are capable of fully refueling the spacecraft twice, so this means you can get to Proxima Centauri and back by using all the refueling stations. The crewed spacecraft will have a greenhouse for food production a gym to maintain proper health, and other essential things. This mission could take place within the next decades, either managed/sorted by Swivro or actually launched by Swivro.