quadrant proxy

visit any website anonymously through the swivro quadrant proxy. your ip is hidden, meaning no website you visit through quadrant proxy can see your true ip address, and can only see the ip address quadrant proxy is hosted on.

use online | download (soon)


create notes for yourself to look back at later using the super-secure and private helixnote app by swivro. all notes are stored locally on your device, so you are not uploading anything to our servers, no need to worry about a server breach.


create and share secret encrypted notes for free, that can include sensitive info like credit cards or account info. we have no knowledge of the notes you create, and once someone views the note you create via the link you send them, it is permanently destroyed.

webmarker tool

save bookmarks, easily, simply, and fast, with the blazing fast and organized webmarker tool, screenshots shown above

password manager

save your passwords securely and locally inside of your browser, without risking anything by uploading your password to random online databases. no ads too!


check if a website is down with one of the world’s fastest downtime checkers in the world, by simply going to this product, putting in the link to a website, clicking check, and getting your results almost instantly.

ip address & domain lookup

lookup almost any ip address or domain name in the word with the free ip & domain lookup tool provided by us to you, with no ads or trackers.

userinfo tool

check your public ipv4 address instantly without any trackers for free, privately. no one but you will see this webpage. using the public & free api.


use different types of operating systems through your browser in a virtual machine, for free, with up to 7 OS choices and other features.