Ace Rocket (1.2)

The Ace Rocket is a rocket design created by Swivro, which has already begun testing. This rocket will start at a small scale, and work its way up to have a similar height to rockets like Soyuz, Falcon 9, and more. The 1st stage of this rocket uses a solid fuel mixture to propel the rocket very high up. The second stage also uses a solid fuel mixture as fuel, to get to the near-apogee for the payload’s desired orbit, while still on a suborbital trajectory to allow reuse. The third solid fuel stage will get the payload into a stable orbit, while the efficient 4th stage (in the fairing beneath the payload) powered by cold-gas nitrogen thrusters fed by high-pressure gaseous nitrogen tanks will move the payload into an exact specified orbit. The 2nd and 3rd stage will eventually be merged and slightly shrunk, and will run on Liquid Hydrogen and Liquid Oxygen, powered by electric-fed turbopumps and custom made Swivro Engines. Stage 1 is recovered via a parachute for reuse, but until the change to Liquid Hydrogen and Liquid Oxygen occurs, the other stages will not be reused.