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Let's get to the point, Computer Technology, Energy Technology, Aerospace Technology. Those are the 3 things we focus on. We write Blog Posts about them nearly daily for free, and offer a variety of secure and safe web and mobile apps for you to use, such as a simple and organized Webmarker Tool, a secure local-storage based Password Manager, and more. We are a nonprofit company that is ran by a small group of people, and there is no catch to any of our products or services. 


Save your favorite websites fast, simply, and easily with the Swivro Webmarker App.

Simply and easily save your favorite websites to your private Webmarker website folder, with the ability to visit, modify, and delete your saved webmarks. This is a 100% free and private web application.



Now Supporting Android

As of January 12th, 2021, we now offer our products not just via a web browser, but downloadable via Android, in a .apk file format (this means an android app). Now, instead of having to go to our website on your Android device, then click Products, then go to the Product you want to use, you can simply install the Android App for one or more of our products, and then open the app on your phone when you want to use it. This saves a lot of time and is more simple. By the way, this is all free!

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The Swivro Blog is a free online blog that creates a new blog post every 1-4 days, all for free, translatable to any language, to enable visitors from anywhere on Earth to enjoy the Swivro Blog. The Swivro Blog focuses on computer technology and aerospace technology, but occasionally goes off topic. Our Blog is also slightly more optimized to be Dyslexia-Friendly, by using a simple font, slightly larger text than usual, enabling visitors with Dyslexia to have the ability to read slowly letter-by-letter to understand the blog post.



With the Internet spreading like wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information, and we are included.

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