Welcome to Bookmarker

Free online Virtual Bookmarker in your Browser. No downloads or installation required, all you need is the internet and a browser.

Secure, and Private.

Your bookmarks are secure and private, all stored client-side. No one can access them besides you and other people who have access to your device physically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free?

Yes, Bookmarker is completely free.

Could my bookmarks get stolen?

They could not get compromised on our servers, as all of the data for your bookmarks are stored client-side on your device. The only way it could get compromised is if someone hacked your device, and that would not be related to us.

What is used to make this Bookmarker Web App?

Bulma CSS is used for our homepage for Bookmarker, our main app is written in pure JavaScript, with the frontend being HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

Why is it free?

We are attempting to provide a easier way to bookmark your pages, through a website. This will be forever free, as long as we operate it.