Serving you with a slice of privacy

Anonymize is focused on online privacy, cybersecurity, free-speech, and transparency. It helps you find privacy-respecting software & services, and provides privacy tips.

What does Anonymize provide?

Privacy Tool of the week

Every week, Anonymize randomly selects a privacy tool and lists it as the privacy tool of the week.

Helpful Privacy Tips

Anonymize provides helpful privacy tips via a checklist to help anonymize your internet life.

Software Suggestions

Anonymize serves you with recommendations for privacy-respecting alternative software.

Service Suggestions

Anonymize recommends privacy-respecting alternatives to big tech services like GMail.

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No Sponsored Links/Suggestions

Unlike other websites which recommend privacy-respecting software alternatives, none of the links listed on Anonymize are sponsored or are advertisements. Anonymize only lists legitimate privacy-respecting software and services, to guarantee your digital privacy and anonymity.

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Privacy-certified software & services

Any services or software that Anonymize lists on its website or endorses is verified by us to respect their users' digital privacy. Anonymize does not and will not list any software or service that violates user privacy, even if we are paid a large amount of money to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Swivro owns the Anonymize domain name, and controls the content displayed on Anonymize.
Anonymize is a division of Swivro.

The Swivro and FinanceDesk website are both monetized, without risking user privacy, via In addition to, we also receive money (cryptocurrency) from donations. Money that we receive from and donations is equally distributed across all Swivro's divisions. This ensures that all of our divisions, including Anonymize, have enough funding to remain online.

No, not right now, but we have plans to develop some privacy-respecting desktop software and release it under our Anonymize division.

You can send an email to he[email protected] and you should receive a response 7-12 days.

You can either donate to Anonymize ( or you can send an email to [email protected] 

We select a random privacy-respecting software or service listed somewhere on Anonymize, and display it on publicly. We're not paid to list any specific tools, it's completely random.


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